Welcome to Steak & Lobster

As we reopen our doors, we are committed to giving our guests a remarkable dining experience.

We have therefore made some enhancements to our menus and service style, which will allow us to continue to provide exquisite food and exemplary service delivery within a safe environment.

The changes we are implementing for our style of service will still bear our trademark attentiveness, whilst respecting and adhering to the recommended distance between our guests and our teams.

Despite these changes, we continue to aspire to be the very best in what we do: delivering the finest steak and freshest lobster to your plate. We believe simplicity is key and let the food speak for itself. With freshly caught lobster and steak from County Antrim in Northern Ireland, we understand the importance of provenance and quality.

Celebrating the finest from land and sea, our signature cuts and lobsters can be enjoyed in their purest form straight from the charcoal grill, in a baked brioche roll or through other exquisite combinations We look forward to welcoming you all to this next chapter in the story of Steak & Lobster.